A Legit Situation

Yesterday morning when I woke up and walked into the bathroom, this guy was on the wall! Maleah... they even follow me to Africa!

This morning we had to go into Kalomo to get our visas renewed... Thank you B Weave!!

We got to the Haven just a little later than usual, so our Haven 2 kids were already drinking their tea/juice/milk. As soon as we showed up, Bright, Emma, and Weston ran over to me holding up their drinks so I would take the lids off. When I took their bottles, they ran over to the bench and sat nicely waiting to get their drink back. They are learning so well! While we were doing our lesson, Clintus (one of the aunties) came out to watch. I asked her if she would like to sing some songs and she said, "No... tomorrow." Well, tomorrow we are not doing our normal therapy so I had to explain that to her. Then she said, "Ok, after tomorrow." When I had to tell her that tomorrow is our last day, she got teary eyed and said, "No! So sad, so sad!" That was the first time it really hit me how sad saying goodbye tomorrow is going to be... Oh, goodness. Not thinking about that yet!! At Haven 1, the aunties are all very sweet and love talking to us... which I think is because Sarah has basically become and honorary auntie while we've been here. When I asked Pauline if we could take a "snap" she said only if we take two and I leave one with her! She is just precious!

Pauline and me!

This afternoon, we spent our time on the front porch at Haven 1 writing up a very detailed schedule of what we've been doing, a list of all the children at the Haven, and organizing our supplies that we're leaving here. We ended up getting it done pretty quickly so we had some time to just hold some babies. A lot of them are sick right now so they weren't as lively as normal. I picked up Hunter because he was crying in his bed. I ended up holding him for about an hour! He is so sweet and so tiny! Marja joined us back from her day at school and we worked on recommendations for next year. I used a chitenge to tie Hunter to me so I'd have some free hands. He just loved it! I think it was really good for him to just be held close. I didn't want to have to put him back in his bed when I left!
Sweet, sweet Hunter

Tonight we're just hanging out... the power went out again for about an hour but it just came back! We always end up finding ways to entertain ourselves, so it's all good. Oh, but we do have some sad news... probably not going to get to go on the elephant ride. Every company we've contacted is already book. Oh well! We are going to have plenty to do in Livingstone as it is!

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Anonymous said...

Rachel, i am so very proud of you--this has been a beautiful experience and i read every post with joy at the growth you've had these six weeks.. I love love love you very much! i will praying for you as you say goodbye to your precious babies...love so much--Mama

Jan Traughber said...

I think I've solved the problem regarding the posting so I'll try again, and maybe again, and maybe again. I don't want you to think that you have been left out. In reading this post, I can't imagine how difficult it will be for all of you to say "good-bye" to the kids/aunties there. You all have had such an impact on them and I know that it has been a reciprocal relationship. The memories/impact that you have made will forever be etched in your hearts. I hope that the feelings you have will linger for a long time as you will forever be touching lives for HIM regardless of where you are or how you are doing it. I am so proud of each of you and will be thinking of you as you leave. Keep the blogs coming and I'll read when I can from AK.

Maleah said...

OH MY!!!!! Praying mantises in Africa is unheard of. I never saw one, thank goodness! At least it was a baby:)

Michelle Boyd said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It has been amazing joining you on this adventure. You are a great blogger, I've loved every minute. You are doing the work of the "great physician" how awesome is that?
Michelle Boyd

Lowell Pugh said...

Rachel, I can't tell you how proud I am of you, and how thrilled that you have been such a blessing to not only the babies there but also the staff. Enjoy your last week in Africa, and then come on home to see us. I love you. Padge

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