30, flirty, and thriving.


Yes, today is Caroline's 30th birthday! We were all so excited to celebrate it with her because we LOVE her! She has been a major blessing to this trip and I have really enjoyed getting to know her.

Today was our LAST full day of really structured therapy! For language therapy, we work with Haven 2 first. When we first arrive, the toddlers are out on the playground so we spend some time letting them play on the swings and the "round-and-round" and practice saying "Up, please," "more," "go," and other simple words like that.
The swings

The "round-and-round"

Normally the kids are really hyped up and love singing songs with us and practicing their words. Today, it was like they had stayed up all night... they were all a bunch of little zombies! We decided to not rile them up so maybe they would be attentive in class. Success. Class today was great! They were loving it! Bright, Ethel, Ethel and a few others sang along to all of our songs and answered all of our questions! We were so proud! Beauty, one of the aunties, sang "Make a Good Fashion" with us and Bright was going craaazy! It was hilarious and he absolutely loved my "superstar" fashion. I guess I should explain what "Make a Good Fashion" is. It's a cute little song that they sing that goes...
Magande, yes
Magande, Rachel (or whoever), yes
Are you ready? Yes
Make a good fashion!

Then, whoever's name has been called makes a "good fashion" which basically means strike a pose. The little kids LOVE it! Most of them make the same fashion, so when I was called I did the Superstar pose. Bright literally fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard. I loved it.

For lunch today we had tacos. This may not seem like that big of a deal to you, but they are one of the meals we look forward to most! Ba Leonard is a fantastic cook and he even managed to cook for us with the power out today. We all had to go lay down after lunch because we were so full!

Tonight we celebrated Caroline's birthday by making her a gluten-free cake! She is basically allergic to everything, including gluten, so she had brought her own cake mix. I sneakily got it to B Weave who passed it over to Kerri who made it in time for dinner. Caroline was so happy to have her own cake since she has been missing out all this time on Ba Leonard's excellent cakes. After dinner, some of the girls made some homemade chapati chips and rotel for our refreshments at movie night tonight. We are watching the 5th episode of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on the back terrace of the Hamby house. It's pretty cold outside, but I'm all bundled up and there is a nice little pot of hot coals by my feet. This is something I will miss.

Success. Thank you photobooth. This is our little bucket of coals that is keeping Lacey and me from freezing to death! It's 42 degrees out here. We googled it.

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