"Dancing, dancing, dancing on our beds!"

This week I am with Lacey and Jaime working with Marja doing language therapy. Now, if you don't know... When it comes to speech path stuff, I am so much more interested in the medical aspect of it. So pre-school language therapy is not my favorite thing to do. Sunday night, Marja and I had a little talk about this and I am just choosing to have a good attitude about it even though it's not my favorite. I told Marja that I really appreciated that she was so passionate about it... since I'm not. She just laughed and said she totally gets it. She's glad people like Caroline and me are more interested in the medical side of things since it's not her passion. Glad we balance out!!

Today was a GREAT day for language therapy! At Haven 2, where the toddlers live, we are trying to help them transition into being a "big kid" by doing the little things... like not drinking out of a bottle anymore!
These cuties are Shelley, Weston, Emma (I absolutely LOVE her!!), and Bright. They are practicing drinking out of cups without lids. If they drink all their juice without spilling... they get a smartee! They are so motivated and they love it! They can be a handful, but they are also making so much progress with their language that we are pretty happy with them.

Our babies at Haven 3 (all the ones in our feeding group- Dennis, Bennett, Sidney, Shelby, Choolwe, Amanda, and Matt) went to the doctor today for TB reviews. Since they weren't there at the normal times, the feeding group had them during our language time at Haven 3. So, since I was scheduled to be working with them, I just helped Lacey out in the girls room! They were so much fun! Lacey had a new version of "1 little, 2 little, 3 little ducks" where we sang, "Dancing, dancing, dancing on our beds!" The girls thought it was the best thing ever and whenever the song would end, at least one of them would say or sign "More!" (Success!!!) They were also doing some great imitations and it just totally made it worth it. Lace and I were out of breath from so much singing and dancing, but it was too fun.
Catherine and Christine... the biggest cheesers for the camera!

Dorsi... out of control, but so much fun!

Bethany and Kim. Bethany has come a long way... and Kim is a big time observer!

After therapy this afternoon, I went over to Eric's House to play with George some and work on my capstone project. Of course when you actually want them to talk, kids get super shy! George knew that I was recording him and he kept wanting to whisper in my ear so the recorder wouldn't "get" him. Looks like I'll be having some more "play" time with George tomorrow! Right before I left, I saw Ian and David running around trying to catch some chickens that got out...

Then, David caught one! Impressive.

Since I stayed later, I had to walk home by myself. So... I decided to take a bunch of pictures to document the road we take every day to and from the Haven.
This is right as you leave the Haven and Eric's House. So beautiful.

And this is right as you come up on the college.

Good day. B Weave has just posted (thanks to our handy dandy printer!) a schedule for the rest of our trip. My emotions are so torn right now. So sad about leaving the babies. So excited about everything we get to do in Livingstone. So anxious to be home. Only 9 more days!

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Lowell Pugh said...

Rach, I can't wait to see you home safe and sound, but you enjoy every minute you are there! I love you and I'm so proud of you! Dad

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, have a great summer! Teresa Settles

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